A Tidbit About Jessica (OTL101 Post 1)

Hello! Each of us has so many aspects to ourselves that it’s hard to narrow it done to just a few tidbits for an introductory post – don’t want to write a novel! I thought I’d go with the suggestion of creating a word cloud and including the image. One of my passions is Restorative Justice (RJ) – I have been a volunteer in the field since 2009 and am currently the acting executive director for Restorative Justice Victoria. RJ can be used as diversion from the traditional justice system but can also be used in tandem with the traditional system. Responsible parties (i.e., offenders) must take accountability for their actions and work together with the affected parties (victims) and/or members of the community to create an agreement of what they can do to begin to make amends in a meaningful way. Over the years I’ve worked with many responsible and affected parties to address a variety of crimes and harms. My word cloud reflects some of the words used by these individuals when describing their RJ process as well as descriptions used by individuals who work in the field.