OTL201 Post 2: A look back at my first post

Looking back at my very first post (OTL101 Post 1), I first notice that although I did use a greeting (“Hello!”) it was not a cohesive response (e.g., “Hello Everyone!”).

I did give away a bit of personal information (interpersonal communication) but did not have any sort of closure (a bit of a rude way to end my post…abruptly!)

In this first post, we were not asked to make reference to others’ posts, however, in the times that I have responded to others’ posts, although I haven’t referred to them by name (e.g., “John – what a great suggestion you’ve made!” That would tie into open communication. Instead, I have been saying things like, “that’s a great suggestion!”), I have asked clarifying questions (open communication).

So…clearly some work to be done on my part for having more social presence, but I’d say the stepping stones are already there…

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  1. Thanks for being so open and transparent with your reflection! I think we’ve all learned something after reading about making effective communication and presence in an online environment! 🙂

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